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Mark your calendar, coming soon on Saturday, April 6th! We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the Youth Development League in our very own home gym in Richardson, TX!

The YDL is a great way for athletes to gain and learn to compete in an Olympic style rules and scoring. No knockouts rules, no head contact and registration starts from ages 4-17 years old.

All coaches and athletes must be registered. For athletes, they will need to register in the event according to their age. All participating athletes will need headgears, mouthpiece, shinguards, groin protector (boys) and Muay Thai shorts.

If it’s your first time registering, there will be a USMF Membership fee ($21). This membership is good for a year and is valid for any future events. Academies can also register their gym in the same website for future invites to upcoming events and news.

If you would like your kid(s) to participate, please have them register into the weight classes bellow.

If you have any questions on how to register please call or email.

(972) 968-7306





Cadet 4-6 Male E - Class (Education)

Male | Cadet 4 6 | E Class (Education)

Junior 7-8 Male E - Class (Education)

Male | Junior 7 8 | E Class (Education)

Teens 13-15 Male E - Class (Education)

Male | Teens 13 15 | E Class (Education)

Teens 16-17 Male E - Class (Education)

Male | Teens 16 17 | E Class (Education)

Youth 9-12 Male E - Class (Education)

Male | Youth 9 12 | E Class (Education)

Cadet 4-6 Female E - Class (Education)

Female | Cadet 4 6 | E Class (Education)

Junior 7-8 Female E - Class (Education)

Female | Junior 7 8 | E Class (Education)

Teens 13-15 Female E - Class (Education)

Female | Teens 13 15 | E Class (Education)

Teens 16-17 Female E - Class (Education)

Female | Teens 16 17 | E Class (Education)

Youth 9-12 Female E - Class (Education)

Female | Youth 9 12 | E Class (Education)

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